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    Walk Type Share is a messaging & social networking application for android phones to text message while walking and share through SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email using transparent keyboard with live camera background.

    What makes Walk Type Share unique?

    • You can view the path on the screen while you are using your phone for texting or typing.

    • Convenient different types of 3 keyboards as native keyboard, semi transparent and transparent keyboards.

    · Transparent camera view

    · Connect with Facebook & Twitter friends directly via this application.

    · Share message through twitter, facebook and vice-versa,

    · Get Top NewsFeeds from Facebook.

    · Get latest tweets and re-tweets done by friends.

    · Change the color of the text and keys on the transparent keyboard,

    · Flashlight for typing message in dark,

    · Image capturing during messaging, and many more.

    · User Capture picture instantly while typing message at any time and can upload to Facebook or send email or save in library.

    · The user is able to write /send /share message with live camera view in the background.

    More Features:
    Apart from that have a look on some exceptional & exquisite elements of the App.

    • This application has a transparent keyboard along with button to on/off the application, visible with transparent background while application is running. Write, send and share message while viewing the path on the screen background.

    • User has the facility to send message/mail to multiple user at a time. But the thing which is to be noted here is that the messaging service will be provided by service provider not by this application.

    • The most important aspect of this application will be fast loading of the camera and zero battery drainage when you don't use the app.

    User can copy the typed text in the clipboard and can use the text outside of the application.

    It is free application which includes following features:-

    · Application Settings

    · FaceBook Share

    · Twitter Share

    · Screen capture

    · Shade View for clear text visibility

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