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    Arrange a private party; Birthday, Night on Town, Stag/Hen, Pub Crawl, Christmas Party, Gathering or other event or get-together, and send out invites to your guests via automated email.

    You can create/advertise open/public events that gets displayed in a public events list. Other users can list your event and/or search for your event by location using the app. Free/cheap way of advertising an occasion in your venue or organizing a gathering. Create some buzz around your local places of interest.

    Private events are visible only to the creator of the event and they he/she invites.
    Public events are visible to all users of the WannaPubCrawl app.

    When the invited open their email they see the main headlines, place and date of your event and a link to download WannaPubCrawl Event Organizer. In the app there is a list of what they are invited to and they have the option of joining the event, or declining.
    For the organiser there is a detailed list of who has responded and when. You will have the option to invite more or cancel the event.

    You can cancel your event by simply pressing cancel. Notifications and emails to that effect will automatically be sent out to all invitees for a private event or joiners for a public event.
    Option to search for public events locally or the location you are visiting.
    Look up what open events is being organized. Don't miss out on what's happening.

    Makes contacting friends or people to arrange a party easy. Keeps a record of numbers involved and names of those interested. Information on the event; venue date numbers, names are a finger tip away.
    Life is made easier with this event organizer. Manage and plan your event and get feedback on invites.

    WannaPubCrawl is a free download with no time limit.
    To use WannaPubCrawl you will be asked to create your own login
    Login is required to see any Events.

    For more info on this or our other apps, please visit our website:


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    Sample email invite:

    Eve invites you to an event
    WannaPubCrawl by has a message from Eve inviting you to the event Traditional music to be held in Ireland on the 21/11-2013. You can view the details of this event and signal your intent to join by downloading the app WannaPubCrawl from Google Play. Remember to register with the same email address as you received this message to.

    Warning: Profanities, obscenities and content that is defamatory, or could be found offending will be removed without notice.

    Ideal as party organizer for any event or occasion like: wedding, hen, stag, dinner party, birthday, evening get together, Christmas, Halloween party, birthday, pub crawl, drinking session, 16'th, 21'st. Event planner / manager or short trip organizer.
    Use it also to advertise and spread the word about anything you care for like your: cafe, bar. Send out invites keep a view of responders, accepters and decliners.

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