Want to Trade




    "Want to Trade" or "WTT" is project about exchanging video games and this application is your main instrument for searching, discovering and finding fellow gamers near you. Can you imagine people around you who also love to play video games? Now you have ability to know them all and exchange with them.

    The features that can be useful to you:
    + Instant messenger made specially for video game sharing
    + Search made with attention to privacy (you decide discover your location or not)
    + Trades: exchange your video games, grant them, manage, collect useful information about how long trade is active, etc.
    + Contacts: build your personal network by following people around you and be followed by other people who you know or may know.
    + Video games: manage your video games, add, remove, analyse what games blocked by exchanging process. Don't want to exchange your games? You can easily use service as tool for accounting your video games.
    + DreamPack: easiest way to show which video games you want.

    And It's only the tip of the iceberg, by using web service you will discover more additional features like: actions that have impact on your karma level, trade log, generating signature, consortium (You can impact on our development, by answering on crucial polls), request feature (missing something? don't hesitate to request it from us!), propose game, localisation(help us translate on your native language).

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