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    WholeSwitch Mobile Dialer is a Mobile soft phone that lets you make VoIP call from your mobile phone using your VoIP services and saving your phonebill upto 90%. Wholeswitch mobile dialers support 3 ways of calling: VoIP SIP call, Call through and Callback, Instant messaging and Sending/Receiving SMS, that make you enjoy Cheap international calls and messages from your mobile phone.

    1. WholeSwitch VoIP Call using SIP protocol over Wifi/3G connection
    With the introduction of VoIP technology, the making of calls has become easy and cheap. You can easily make local, long distance, and international calls by using a Wifi or 3G/Edge connection. Wholeswitch mobile dialers support wide range of speech Codecs which offer high quality voice even in low bandwidth environments. In addition, on Wholeswitch iPhone and Android dialers users can make video conference calls.

    2. WholeSwitch Call through
    An alternative way of making cheap international calls, if internet connection is not available, is to dial through access numbers (IP IVR). Wholeswitch mobile dialer automatically connects to the predefined access number and pass the user’s PIN and then the destination number. Wholeswitch mobile dialers choose this method when the internet connection to the server is unavailable. Also a user can select this option to be used when there is no Wifi and he does not wish to use his data network (Edge or 3G) for VoIP calls. Wholeswitch mobile dialers support multiple access numbers which can be selected by the user or be chosen automatically based on the user’s location.

    3. Callback
    In the callback service the call is initiated by a Wholeswitch mobile dialer by sending an http request to the server. In response, the server dials the user’s phone number and once the connection is established, it dials the destination number. Both the destination and the source number are sent over to the server. This service is very useful when there is no access number in the current location of the user (for example when he is abroad) and the fees for internet connection are expensive. A user can choose which way of connection he prefers. Also Wholeswitch mobile dialers can choose the callback automatically if there is no internet connection and/or 3G/Edge is disabled for VoIP.

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