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    Who is this app for...

    This is not your Granny’s app! If you are always out and about enjoying the night life… Download the Wingman app now! We have included everything you would need to make your night an epic one. A Wingman should be there to bail you out of any situation you come across in your night. Whether you quickly need a cab to get to your next bar or a pick up line to use on the glorious creation you met that night…Wingman's got your back!

    About the functions...

    Alias - The “Alias” function gives you a background story for the night. If executed properly, this false identity could carry you through the night, if not the weekend (wink wink). We give you a random first name, last name, occupation, hometown, and reason for travel. To really spice things up and impress your target, we give you all kinds of fun facts and things to talk about. Simply generate an Alias, approach someone, and see what happens! (may need a solid pick up line to get the conversation going).

    Pickup Lines - Now what kind of wingman wouldn’t have pickup lines for you? That’s what we thought! With the “Pickup Lines” function you’re provided with over 200 different pickup lines. Let us be clear…we included all types of pick up lines because we realize that there is a time to joke and laugh at the corny ones, but also a time to get down to business and reel in a good catch! These are great to go and use with the attractive guy/girl standing alone at the end of the bar.

    Self Call - Sometimes a wingman will pull in a “stage 5 clinger” or “grenade” by accident, and that’s why we provided the “Self Call” function. This enables you to get out of the toughest situations by having a “fake” phone call come up on your phone. When the phone rings it will display a buddy in your contact list on your phone. This is possibly our favorite function. That’s why we included a widget for discrete, quick, and easy access. “Mom, what’s wrong! .. Hey babe, I gotta take this call, it’s my mom, sorry!”

    Bar Finder - Want to find the hottest bars and clubs in your area? We made this easy with the “Bar Finder” function. Bars can be unpredictable, and maybe the one you originally chose for the night was dead. Don’t sweat it, this function provides a bar’s ratings and location. When you click on the bar of your choice, it takes you to Google Maps so that you can quickly and easily get directions. This Wingman has full intentions on keeping your night alive! Sleep is for the weak!

    Taxi Finder - A GOOD wingman makes sure everyone is having a good time. Whether you need a cab for you and that special someone quickly, or you are just rounding up the troops at the end of the night… just pull out the app, start the “Taxi” function, and get the nearest cab to come get you. This function, in combination with the “Bar Finder” function, makes a deadly duo for out of town travelers, or even those beer goggled locals

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