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    This Zencoo mobile app for Android is the official mobile interface for the, a digital life management system. You need to already be a user to use this app. To become a user, simply click here for an .visit to register. We recommend that you use a PC web browser for registration.

    The all new service gives you on-the-go access to your digital media and files and makes connecting with friends and managing your digital life a lot simpler. provides a complete online private and secure ecosystem for you to manage, store and use your digital properties (music, photos, video, audio, ebooks) in a controlled and private environment while providing convenient access to communication tools (email, voice messaging, video conferencing, blogs etc) as well as a host of productivity tools (shared calendars, contacts, online document creation and much more).

    This Zencoo mobile app currently provides mobile music streaming, mobile video streaming, access to email, contacts, calendar, and pictures through your account. Take a picture with your phone and automatically upload it to your zencoo account for immediate sharing. With an elegant and simple touchscreen design for smaller devices, Zencoo mobile app for Android is the absolutely essential mobile application for today's mobile and digital society. You keep everything in one place, but access it from anywhere.

    Don’t forget to download and install the Zencoo Notification Service app. This will enable incoming Zencoo phone call and chat notification even if you’re not in Zencoo mobile app.

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