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    You met over the Internet traffic flow to be innocent deductions, automatic network software unknown waste flow problems? Vodafone Internet butler can help you solve these problems, the Internet butler Android version is designed for the Android phone is ideal for the development of a specific national conditions, China needs a free flow of Internet management software to effectively manage your mobile phone traffic to prevent traffic loss and over flow of deductions, so you are well aware of the Internet traffic.

    1, the intelligent management analysis of the day, the month of Internet traffic

    2, a key setup, backup, restore network access points, simplify user operations

    3, easy switch network, to avoid the automatic network lead to inadequate flow of the software

    4, flow overruns the police, to prevent the flow with ultrasound, to help you save money, the alarm automatically off net

    5, floating windows desktop widget tools and shortcuts to help you manage and understand network traffic

    6, network monitoring program, always running in the background to understand the networking process and the traffic usage for each program

    7, network firewall, prohibit any program connect to the network (need root privileges, and more than 2.2 system support)

    8, wifi navigation, graphical display of the surrounding wifi hotspot, quick connect

    2.5.1 update:
    1, increasing navigation wifi, wifi hotspots around the graphical display, quick connection
    2, a comprehensive software change the layout, more beautiful.
    3, increasing the new feedback system, enabling users to their own answers.
    4, some rules changes
    5, other details of the optimization

    2.4.9 update:
    New features:
    1, the new network firewall white list feature
    2, the new network firewall Select All / Unselect All function
    3, adjusting the layout of the desktop gadgets
    Fix the problem:
    1, fix a single issue of the accuracy of the software flow records
    2, the repair part of the model boot error problem
    3, the repair part of the problem of resource consumption models

    2.4.8 update:

    New features:

    1, the new single application traffic monitoring

    2, New Mobile, China Unicom's wap / net access point switching

    3, the new software interface UI design, showing more information

    Fix the problem:

    1, fixed part of the model problem of flow records

    2, power-on reset fixed network firewall issues

    3, repair, billing issues monthly daily flow

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