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    Gesture Pattern Mario Locker
    Mario is the eponymous main character and protagonist of the long-running and highly successful Mario series. He was created by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and also serves as the main mascot of Nintendo. Mario made his first appearance as the protagonist of the arcade game Donkey Kong, released in 1981. Since Super Mario Bros., his trademark abilities have been his jumping and stomping powers, with which he defeats most of his enemies, and his ability to change size and gain powers with a plethora of items, such as the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower. Games have always portrayed Mario as a silent character without a distinct personality. According to Nintendo's philosophy, this allows Mario to fit in many different genres and roles. In most games, he is the hero that goes on an adventure to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser, but he has been shown doing other activities besides adventuring, such as racing and sporting.
    Since Super Mario Bros., Mario is portrayed as living in the fictional realm called the Mushroom Kingdom. In the game, Mario's objective is to rescue Princess Toadstool (later known as Peach) from Bowser, the King of the Koopas. The game is the first in the series in which regular enemies such as Goombas can be killed and Koopas can be stunned by stomping on them from above. The player can also gain power-ups and coins from having Mario jump against Question Blocks and Brick Blocks. Mario begins the game as Small Mario, who will die from any enemy attack in one hit. By using Super Mushrooms, the player can make Mario grow into Super Mario, who has an additional hit point (turning back to Small Mario after being hit). Super Mario has access to the Fire Flower, which lets him throw Fireballs that can completely knock out enemies such as Koopas or False Bowsers. Mario can also become invincible for a short amount of time with the Star item. Luigi once again only appears as a palette swap of Mario and only in the (competitive) multi-player mode.

    Mario's role and powers remain mostly the same in all entries to the series except for Super Mario Bros. 2. While new power-ups and moves are introduced, there is no deviation from the basic formula, Mario's character is unchanged, and his personality remains unwritten.
    Super Mario Bros. 2 is a deviation from the standard formula of the series. The game was entirely based on the Japanese game Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic. In the story of Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario is mentioned to having an odd dream one night of being called upon from the fairy like beings from the land of Subcon. They told him of the tale of the evil King Wart taking over the land of Subcon and that they needed Mario's help to defeat Wart. However, after awakening from his dream, Mario simply dismissed the dream and went back to sleep. The next day, Mario along with his good friends Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad decide to go on a picnic. However, while searching for a proper place, Mario and his friends notice a strange cave and decide to explore within it. After entering the cave, the four friends are transported to the land of Subcon. With the memory he had from his dream, Mario decides to save Subcon from Wart and his army of the 8 Bits, and calls on his three other friends to aid him on his journey. Throughout their adventure, Mario and his friends take down many members of Wart's army (including their leaders who serve as mini-bosses such as Birdo and Mouser.

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