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    WARNING: This is a demo App to test some tutorials.

    This application has been created to test the tutorials developed at Lime Creative Labs, a blog dedicated to Android developers and designers who want to get the most from their apps.

    Thanks to it you can see the result of the tutorials without having to download or deploy any code.

    From here you can access the tutorials and application source code on Github, so you can examine and include in your developments.

    The features developed so far are:

    - Action Bar Search: clicking on the search action, a text field is displayed letting the user search for something.

    - Action Bar Refresh: Clicking on the refresh action, an indeterminate ProgressBar is shown until the process ends.

    - Multiple Selection in ListView using ActionBarSherlock: implementation of this functionality using a custom adapter.

    - Test Android connectivity live: an implementation to receive connection status changes and update the UI properly.

    - Navigation Drawer: making use of new DrawerLayout to implement a sliding menu.

    - SlidingPaneLayout: example implementing this new layout added in the last Support Library revision.

    - Unveiling Bandhook (I): Foreground on any layout: How to add a foreground view when the user presses on it.

    The blog is written in Spanish, but source code is well commented in English and easy to understand.

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