marblePORT is an auxiliary application that serves as a middleware to process communication with Smart-Tag or SmartCard (Products of AIOI・SYSTEMS Co, LTD.). marblePORT can start up, perform communication processing by utilizing "Intent" from an application that wants to communicate with Smart Tag and return the result to the original application. It is, therefore, possible to create an application that utilizes Smart Tag by calling "Intent".

    To execute an application that works with marblePORT, this application must be installed.

    Details of Processing:
    * Displays an image on the display.
    * Reads and writes user data.
    * Gets the status of Smart Tag (IDm, residual battery power, etc.).
    * Displays the status of Smart Tag (on the marblePORT screen).
    * Registers the image shown on the display into Smart Tag.
    * Displays the image that has been registered in Smart Tag.
    * Clears the display.
    * Displays the text on the display.
    * Smart Tag is scanned once for each processing mentioned above.
    * Displays messages and sets up functions with optional arguments (parameters).

    Operating System:
    * Android OS 2.3.3 or later versions
    * NFC-enabled terminal

    Applicable Smart Tags:
    * ST1020
    * ST1027
    * SC1029L

    When Starting by Itself:
    When marblePORT starts up directly from the launcher, you can check the status of Smart Tag that has been touched. The status will be displayed on the mobile terminal screen (IDm, firmware version, residual battery power, etc.).

    marblePORT Settings:
    Can set the simultaneous transport block number. Please lower the simultaneous transport block number when communication fails.

    When Developing an Application using marblePORT:
    Please access the URL shown below. Download marblePORT Programming Guide, sample program and Helper Class.

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