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    MIAR is an Augmented Reality demo application from Mobinett Interactive, Inc. To use the application go to , scan demo targets and watch the App in action.

    Statistics indicate that by the year 2015, there will be almost 1.5 billion downloads of mobile Augmented Reality applications to smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

    Our AR solution can be used in several domains such as Retail, Museums, Education, Healthcare and Magazines. This technology brings real world objects to life, making them more relevant, interactive and engaging. A user walking down an aisle at the supermarket, a museum or reading a magazine, can with one tap open AR in the App, scan the object of interest with phone's camera and get a wealth of information on the products - reviews, videos, price comparison, nutritional statistics - highly targeted to the user based on their location, interests and past usage. There is also social integration allowing users to share with their friends.

    MIAR is available as an SDK on iOS and Android. MIAR dashboard provides a rich set of analytics on how and where users are interacting with the technology. To find out more or to request an account go to or contact us at

    Create interactive and engaging experiences with MIAR today!!

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