A quick refresher on Design Patterns and common interview questions. Mainly made for my own reference, but I thought I would share with the world. If it helps you out, I would love to know, drop me a comment.

    A design patterns refresher implemented in Android.

    This program is in ALPHA release. The implementation is not yet complete. I have yet to add more sections, and finish commenting my examples. Please bear with me.

    This program really started out as a refresher for basic programming theory, but has since evolved. It is meant as a refresher only. There are not enough details to understand a new design pattern or data structure that you have not already learned. I recommend you look around on the web for a better understanding.

    Currently there are two major areas, Design Patterns and Data Structures.

    Design Patterns:
    1) Includes a class diagram.
    2) 'Driver' example program.
    3) Source Code of both classes and driver.

    Data Structures:
    1) Includes a structure note.
    2) 'Driver' example program.
    3) Source Code.

    Permission Changes - For examples on android Chapters
    android.permission.INTERNET <-- Play multimedia files online example.
    android.permission.READ_CONTACTS <-- Content Provider example
    android.permission.READ_USER_DICTIONARY <-- SQL Lite example
    android.permission.WRITE_USER_DICTIONARY <-- SQL Lite example
    android.permission.READ_CALENDAR <-- Content Provider example
    android.permission.VIBRATE <-- Notification example
    android.permission.CAMERA <-- Custom Camera example
    android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE <-- Custom Camera Example
    android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO <-- Media Recording Example

    Keywords: Design Patterns, Interview, Programming, Logic, C++, JAVA, Android, placement, reference.

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