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    The Haunted House Show

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    The Haunted House Show

    Let the horror show begins!
    Skulls, red lights and an abandoned house are the scenarios; you walked in and heard whispers and screams… Creepy right?

    We have tried to build up a series of scary haunted houses in which you can pass through and Enjoy.

    How to Use---
    * Download and Install Free Haunted House Series Android Application.
    * Open the Application
    * Click start and keep clicking next for new Houses

    We will keep on updating the haunted houses .....

    With sounds and vibrating effects “The Haunted House Show” allows you to freak everyone you want.
    Maybe it’s the app or maybe it’s a ghost.
    Scare all your friends with noises coming from nowhere, or just spend some time to see our interactive houses or make a prank on someone after a horror movie.
    Press enter and don’t let the person next to you know what you’re up to, but be careful when you go to sleep, someone might want revenge later.
    The app is free, easy to use and fun, make your house feel like a ghost mansion.

    So sit back and enjoy the Haunted Attraction with your family, friends, online friends , yahoo Friends, Facebook Friends and twitter friends

    This is the Best Haunted House Show on Android Market and you will be sitting on your most adventuress, thriller journey in a haunted house.

    What is Haunted House?

    A haunted house is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property. Parapsychologists attribute haunting to the spirits of the dead and the effect of violent or tragic events in the building's past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide. More scientific explanations for the perception that a house is haunted include misinterpreting noises naturally present in structures, waking dreams, suggestibility, and the effect of toxic substances in environments that can cause hallucinations.
    According to science writer Terence Hines, cold spots, creaking sounds, and odd noises are typically present in any home, especially older ones, and "such noises can easily be mistaken for the sound of footsteps by those inclined to imagine the presence of a deceased tenant in their home."
    Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell writes that in most cases he investigated, he found plausible explanations for haunting phenomena, such as physical illusions, waking dreams, and the effects of memory. According to Nickell, the power of suggestion along with confirmation bias plays a large role in perceived hauntings. "As a house, inn, or other place becomes thought of as “haunted,” more and more ghostly encounters are reported" says Nickell, "When people are given to expect paranormal events, they tend to notice those conditions that would confirm their expectations."

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