USB Temperature display + log




    1-Wire-Temp (One Wire Temp):

    This app can do:
    -> Display temperatures with graph bar and digital
    -> Write temperatures to protocol files

    Ideal to use in vehicles, heating and cooling systems; in a variety of machinery and equipment, mobile and stationary. For prototype and serial devices.

    Temperature display and protocol with 1-Wire-System from Maxim Integrated (Dallas Semiconductor), connected directly to USB-Port at Android device. Only this is needed:
    -> USB-to-1-Wire-Adapter DS9490R
    -> 1-Wire Digital Thermometer DS18B20 or DS18S20 (= DS1820)

    Up to 14 temperature sensors can be displayed. For each the range of temperature to be shown can be set. The green range can be set (above the display bar will be red, below blue). The name of sensor for to display can be put in. And it can be set, that the temperature readings should be written to a protocol file in text format.

    Try this app for free, then buy it for 9,95€ per license.

    You will have all functionality in the free version, but you will be disturbed by a dialog. From in the app you can push a button to buy the permanent license. This license will be connected to only this hardware device. Then no further internet connection is neccessary; you will have the full version of this app on this particulary hardware device for ever. If you want, so you can resell the device including the app.

    A possible structure of a sensor system is described here:

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