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    This app provides the air density, density altitude, dew point, relative air density (RAD) and relative horsepower, which are valuable variables in relation to jetting or dyno testing. The input data, that is the temperature, altitude, humidity and atmospheric pressure, can be set manually or can be obtained automatically from the GPS and from the nearest weather station.

    In order to get the weather values, the application can use the GPS to obtain the position and altitude, and the network connection to get the temperature, pressure and humidity from the nearest weather station. Nevertheless, the application can run without GPS and internet connection, in this case, the user has to give the altitude and weather data.

    The application is made up of three tabs that are described next:
    - Results: In this tab, tthe calculated air density, density altitude, relative air density (RAD), dew point and relative horsepower are shown. In addition, the parameters used for the calculations are showed (time, temperature, humidity, real and normalized pressure and altitude).
    - Weather: you can set the values for current temperature, altitude, pressure and humidity. The values of this screen can be manually set or can be loaded by the application reading the data from the nearest weather station (from the GPS tab).
    - GPS: this tab allows to use the GPS to get the current position and altitude, and connect to an external service to get the weather conditions of the nearest weather station (temperature, pressure and humidity).

    The application can manage different measure units: meters and feet for altitude and density altitude; ºC and ºF for temperatures; mb, hPa, inHg, mmHg for pressure; kg/m3, lb/ft3, lb/gal (US) for air density.

    - Motorsports: carburation charts, dyno tuning, drag racing, motor tuners.
    - Outdoors: climbing, hiking,
    - Planes: aircrafts, altimeter gauge, jet, plane, ...
    - RC: nitro mixture, ...

    Please understand that because of the variety of phones, android versions, operators, etc. it's very hard to develop bug-free applications. If you find any bug, please, send us an email to explaining, as detailed as you can, the error that you\'ve detected. We\'ll try to fix it or give an answer as soon as possible. As well, if you have any suggestion about the application or your bike model isn't available, send us an email.

    The application needs the next permissions:
    - Your location: it lets the application get the position and the altitude using the GPS to know which is the nearest weather station.
    - Storage: it's used for storing the configuration preferences.
    - Network communication: it's used for invoke the external service which provides the current weather conditions
    - Phone calls (read phone state and identity): it allows to get the system identifier in order to validate the license status of the installed application.

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