Albatros Golfclub TV is a very popular application for golf courses and their player's to display club related information on flat-screen displays at your club. There are several options available as for instance tournament listings, live scoring, tee times, general club information, photos, weather and so on.

    The application AlbatrosGCTV enables a golf club to control the Albatros module "Golf Club TV" on a display via an ANDROID MINI PC. A wide selection of various pre-setup Golf Club TV play lists (i.e. a combination of live scoring, weather and advertisement) can be selected and then be displayed on one of the screens at your golf club. It is even possible that golf clubs share their access to their pre-setup play lists so that information from golf club A can be displayed at golf club B and vice versa. This can be done by sharing your access PIN with the clubs you cooperate with.

    Technical requirements: Albatros Module AWS Golfclub TV, Android MINI PC, flat-screen, WiFi or alternatively a network cable connection.

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