Skydiving audible altimeter and log book. Using pressure sensor built into your phone Altidroid works just like your regular audible playing sound alarms during freefall and recording a log of your jumps. Simply activate the application while on the ground, connect your headphones and jump.

    Features include:
    + Background operation: turn it on and forget about it for the rest of the day.
    + Flexible alarm settings:
    - configure any number of freefall or canopy altitude alarms,
    - use any sound file for the alarm, choose one of the built-in sounds or make the app read a message.
    + Supports both imperial (mile/foot) and SI (meters) units.
    + Powerful logbook.
    + Automatic music silence: if you listen to music on the way up Altidroid will silence it as as soon as you exit the plane.

    WARNING: This program comes with no guarantees. It's not been tested in all conditions and may fail at any moment. Never rely on it. Skydiving is a dangerious activity that may lead to injuries or death.

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