Ammo Load

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    For all you re-loaders out there.

    This is a quick easy to use app that keeps all your favorite
    load data right at your finger tips, no more searching through
    scraps of papers or book marks to find your favorite loads.

    This app comes pre-loaded with 6 very popular cartridges, and 51 hard to find loads,
    This alone is more than worth the .99 cents for this app.

    With this app you can view load data for cartridges that are pre-installed, or cartridges you create.
    You can add load data to the current cartridges, or ones you have created.

    You can you can delete cartridges you don't care about.

    This is my favorite app of all, and I will be adding more features as requested.

    Remember all reloads should be used in safe, modern firearms!

    This app won't tell you how to reload, it will only show you the components used.

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