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    Aqua PSCR is a Passive Semi Closed Rebreather gas calculator based on Dalton's law. Aqua PSCR can be used for gas mixes containing nitrogen, oxygen (nitrox) and helium (trimix, heliox).

    Before purchasing full version you can try free Aqua PSCR Lite.

    Aqua PSCR can calculate:
    - PPO2: partial pressure of oxygen in given mix,
    - END: equivalent narcotic depth,
    - MOD: maximum operating depth for given mix and PPO2,
    - EADD: equivalent air density depth,
    - best mix for given depth, PPO2 and END.

    All calcuations take into account oxygen drop specific to given K factor and rebreather ratio. Oxygen drop is calculated using formula:
    loop_PPO2 = (tank_FO2 * ((K * ratio * pressure) + 1) - 1) / (K * ratio)
    K = SAC/VO2,
    SAC - surface air consumption,
    VO2 - oxygen consumption.

    Effective loop mix is shown in parentheses next to the tank mix. Helium fraction is adjusted in accordance with oxygen drop.

    You can enter data by keyboard or use arrow buttons to increment/decrement values. Long press on button to change values quicker. Switch between tabs using fling gesture.

    In application settings you can set oxygen to be considered narcotic. Metric and imperial units are supported.

    Aqua PSCR works on variety of Android devices: phones, tablets and Google TV. Android version 2.1 (Eclair) is required. Tested on Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.

    If you need support please email:

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