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    Each archer, one day, had to select his future arrows by himself. To do that, you must first determine what kind of arrows you want, depending on what you want to do with it, and also which are compatibles with the bow you intend to shoot them from.
    The arrows’ manufacturers created charts to help with this. But this charts are all different, they are not really easy to read, have different process to calculate bow weight…

    To help with that, we created "B4 Shaft Selector", which can help you choose your arrows from the well known manufacturers. All that from your Android smartphone or tablet!
    It is easier to use and faster, because you don’t have to check multiple charts, it’s all in there, you can change the manufacturer in one click.


    Android 3.0 or later.


    Supports the following manufacturers: Beman, Carbon Express, Carbon Impact, Easton, Gold Tip, Sky Art, or Victory.
    Supports Recurve and Compound bows (and Modern Longbow for Easton).
    Supports Hunting, Target, and Junior (hunting/target) shafts.
    Allows multiple choices for shaft materials: Carbon, Aluminum, or Carbon/Alloy.
    Supports “Minimum weight” & “Minimum Straightness”: it allows you to only select arrows which are superior to a defined weight/straightness (that you enter, along with component weights). This can be useful in competition or hunting, where some countries require a minimum weight for arrows.
    A Help button is provided in the menu (brings you to this website), which can help you get better results when selecting your future shafts (by following the instructions of each manufacturer).
    Support English and French languages (the language selection is automatic, it depends on which language is activated on your android smartphone).

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