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    The brand-new App provides snowboarders and freeskiers with all information and updates about our favourite playground at the black forest – right onto your smartphone! You’ll immediately get to know the current park status, whether your favourite obstacles is currently open, how the weather is going to be or if there is an event taking place at the park. And that’s 24/7, live and freshest, directly from your park. You can even contact the shape crew instantly. Now available for Android – and of course it’s for free!
    No matter if you always want to carry all updates from the park with you or rather want to check out a park before popping by: The badenova Snowpark Feldberg App provides you with every detail you need for your preparation for an ideal shred-session.

    NEW 2016/17

    You're looking for a ride, someone who is going to take a few rounds with you through the park or just have a general question? The message board is exactly the right place for you - get to know other riders and exchange ideas and whatever is up on your mind…

    The Tell-a-Shaper feature is your direct link to the shape crew! Whether you have questions, suggestions or just want to thank them for the perfect setup – with the help of the app, you can tell them your concerns either publicly or as a private message.

    Votings & Sweepstakes
    The sweepstake, lottery or online contest you want to join will close soon but you are still on the mountain? No problem - thanks to our newly integrated sweepstakes, you can participate directly in the app and vote for your favorites.

    Park Status
    Is the park open? How does the setup actually look like at the moment? With the new App you always stay up to date and you can even start planning your run through the park on your way up to the mountain. All information comes live from the shape crew directly out to your smartphone.

    With the app, you will have all the current articles, videos, photo galleries and event reports with you. Of course you may comment and share all news straight forward.

    Shredweather is a fun feature providing snowboarders and freeskiers with the current weather situation on the mountain – in “freestylect”. In Shredweather, it’s never fair or sunny, it’s “shredalicious” when temperatures go below zero at blue bird, or when “it’s goggletime” you better bring your antifog-shades.

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