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    Ballistic Cal: Field Helper

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    Ballistic Calculator: Field Helper

    The Ballistic Calculator Field Helper is an easy to use application, which is designed for:
    -Hunters who want to achieve high performance in the hunting field.
    -Sporters who want to achieve high scoring on the shooting range.
    -Amateurs who want to practice the shooting sport.

    Let the Ballistic Calculator Field Helper take care of all the computation. The only thing that you need to do is to concentrate on the target, hold back your breath and squeeze the trigger.
    It is simple to use, no study required on ballistic trajectory, no analysis needed on the dispersion or on the Mean Point of Impact (MPI).
    You don't need to be a mathematician to operate it unlike other complex targeting applications.
    Let Ballistic Calculator Field Helper do it for you when you are in the field or the firing range.

    Just enter the wind, the temperature, the altitude and the distance. Ballistic Calculatore Field Helper will do the rest for you. It will tell you how to adjust your scope like other operational military using their firing calculator. That's it!

    Ballisctic Calculator Field Helper features:
    -Elevation and windage calculationin regard to the range and the meteorological conditions.
    -Ballistic coefficient estimation of the bullet.
    -Library or ammunition created and saved by you.
    -Simulation for the scope adjustment.
    -Friendly user interface.
    -Easy and simple to operate.

    You don't need to know anything else, just follow the scope adjustment indication; put the crosshairs on where you want to shoot; and squeeze the trigger.
    With Ballistic Calculator Field Helper app, range and meteorological conditions are not factors that you should worry about anymore!

    By purchasing this application, you agree that the sellers is not responsible for any misuse of this application.

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