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    Download this "Outstanding soccer (Fútbol) App!" Unlimited access to soccer bending tips to INCREASE YOUR SCORING, or goal keeping techniques. "Genius." 100's of TOP tips & Secrets. "Quick reminders of forgotten lessons. 5 STARS***** Now for a limited time, includes FREE “How to BEND IT tips plus jokes & quotes. DOWNLOAD to the left and take it to the field before it's too late.

    Here's a quick way to learn how to play soccer, or as an advanced player learn the secrets how to "spin" the fútbol and score. These tips are SHORT, concise and to the point. "I especially liked the "How To Bend It" tips. 5 STARS" *****

    Carry it with you on the practice field for quick reminders to IMPROVE your shot making and goal tending.

    What you should know about: "I took it to the field and I hit it straighter, bent the ball longer, chipped closer & made more putts. I especially liked "BEND IT TIPS".

    Find the shot you need to hit & 'look' it up. Get QUICK LESSONS, reminders for any shot you need to hit.

    How to Gain Power
    How to Bend it
    Goalie Tips

    -BEND IT is an app that coaxes you through over 100 fútbol lessons.

    Soccer Tip U is designed with little known SIMPLE LESSONS.

    How to Bend it.

    and hundreds more...

    For less than the price of a bucket of balls, use this app on the course or at the field. Soccer Tip U gives expert lessons to remind you of the basics. It tells you advanced ways to play specific shots, organized to make them quick and easy to locate & review on the field.

    Do you want to draw a driver & add power? Do you want to cure your slice, learn different ways to play a chip shot, or be taught advanced putting tips? FUTBOL TIP U teaches us these brief lessons of how to strike the ball more consistently and putt better. Because it's mobile, you can explore and receive soccer tips while at work, on the field and during course play. Join us as we explore all types of soccer tips, to further your knowledge about soccer.

    Added "free," enjoy soccer's favorite QUOTES and JOKES by famous soccerer's, actors & comedians for you to share on the course with your fellow soccerers who will always appreciate a good poignant quote or laugh.

    Our Other App, Futbol Tips 101 INCLUDES:

    includes short lessons on how to hit over 500 shots and tips:
    Asking for the ball, Attacking Midfielder, Bending the Ball, Attacking Midfielder, Bend A Free Kick, Bending/Curling Free Kick, Central defenders, Depth considerations, Central defenders, Cornering the ball, Drawing the foul, Dribbling, Goal Keeping, Fair Play, Free Kicks, Free-kicks from short range, Free-kick opportunities, Fast, fleeting game make lots of free-kicks, Fast, fleeting game make lots of free-kicks, GOALIE TIPS, Holding Midfielder, Juggling Guide, Midfielder Soccer Tips, Nutmeg can open defenses, Nutmeg free-kick soccer drill, Nutmeg can open defenses, Passes, Pass to feet ground ball, Pass to chest, Pass to chest, Pass to head, The Penalty Kick, Pass and Move, Passing-Instep Pass, Passing Long, Passing with the Outside of the Foot, Penalty kicks, Professional Foul, The quick counter-attack, Short passing, Skills-Improve Foot Skills, Skills-Juggling the Rigors of Training, Skills-Don't Forget the Basics, Skills-Tools of the Trade, Skills-Shooting tips, Strikers, Substitutions, Wingers

    mls, mls soccer, mlssoccer, it's not, but close.

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