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    The Bicycle Tire Pressure Calculator is used to compute the optimal air pressure for your bicycle tires. Tires pumped too hard bounce down the road like a basketball, wasting energy. Tires pumped not hard enough are sluggish and prone to pinch flats. Tires pumped just right are at the optimal intersection of responsiveness, shock absorption, and energy efficiency.

    Popular misconception is to pump a bike's tires to the highest number printed on the sidewall by the manufacturer. Instead, the optimal pressure is that which yields in a 15% sidewall drop. Sidewall drop is a non-linear function of the load on the tire and its width. It can be computed based on the weight of the bike, rider, bags, and gear. It is also different between front and back, depending on the frame geometry.

    With this App, you can instantly compute the optimal tire pressure from your phone or tablet wherever you may be: in your garage, on the road, at a friend's house.

    * Enter weights in either pounds or kilograms
    * Calculate pressures in either PSI or bar
    * Tire widths from 19 to 60 mm; diameters of 26", 650B, and 700C; 4 of the most typical frame geometries or user-defined measurements
    * Configure and save multiple bikes
    * Tap bike graphic to recalculate pressures

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    Tony Higgins

    by Tony Higgins

    Jul 03, 2017  |  "Great"

    Very good app, improved the ride quality on my roadbike. But no provision for MTB offroad bikes. Five stars when this is included.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jan 29, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Got this app by redeeming a voucher so at least it didn't cost me anything. just as well as it doesn't really seem to work. The results obtained are wildly different to those obtained by using the Excel spreadsheet this app is supposedly based upon. Even when entering actual wheel loadings taken from static load readings using a scales the results are bizarre. Rear wheel results are hugely high and front wheel results very low. Using the 60/40 rear/front weight differential pre-sets the results just don't add up either, as the examples shown above demonstrate! Back to using common sense then! As a postscript to this review I'd like to say that I contacted the publisher about it's shortcomings and received an answer that suggested a degree of in-built inaccuracy was acceptable to them as it only affected results at the outer edges, so-to-speak, of the results 'envelope'. I'm a 145lb rider on an endurance-type road bike with medium-width tyres so should hardly be at any extremes as far as tables or calculations are concerned! In the hope that future updates and de-bugs of this app may actually make this app useful I'll hang on to it. Watch this space.

    Marsha Hanchrow

    by Marsha Hanchrow

    Nov 11, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    No bike in my household fits any of the generic categories, so I am very happy to be able to work with the "custom." I LOVE not overinflating my tires, and having a far better chance of staying upright on rain-slick roads. I'm grateful for far less rattling of teeth. Everyone I've tried to market this to is an iPhone user, so I hope you write a version for them, too.

    Bill Wood

    by Bill Wood

    Oct 01, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Very easy to use and configurable, love it!