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    Bike Crash ! is a app with hundreds of crashes and near misses!

    There some 116 videos featuring some mind boggling crashes.

    The first 29 videos are included and the rest can easily be added.

    An unusual crash for two race bikes
    Brand new Gixxer crashed
    Motorcycle Wheelie Crash Fail
    Bike Crash
    Motorcycle Accident
    TT Bike Crash
    Hockenheim Fliegende Kuh im DRC 10Sep2011WMV
    Idiot riding and crashing his first motorcycle
    Funniest bike crash ever
    motorbike accident at 170mph
    First person motorcycle crash at 95MPH - Helmet Camera
    Harley Crash
    Dog vs Motorcycle rider caught on cam helmet accident crash
    Look in your mirrors - Motorbike accident crash
    motorcycle crash accident - Acidente de moto
    dog on the street crash 200kmh accident moto
    Near Fatal Accident Rider hit by another motorcycle
    Street Killers Insane Deals Gap Crash
    One of the worst bike accidents in India
    Motorcycle Accident Lawyer CT - Connecticut High Speed Motorcycle Crash Fatality
    motorbike accident - hit by a car
    Funny Arab Bike Crash
    Shockiing Female Police Officer Motorcycle Accident
    Motorcycle Accident Caught on Tape - Crash Hit and Run
    bike crashes - Indonesia

    Motorbike Crashes into Wall
    Big Motorcycle Crash
    CA186296 - Head On Motorcycle Crash
    Bike crash in car
    Motorbike crash Cam Amazing S
    GSXR Motorbike Accident
    Ambulance and Motorbike Crash
    crash proof motorbike
    Motorbike crash
    MotorBike Accident Crash
    Motorcycle Wheelie Crash in HD
    Terrible Motorcycle Crash Man Seriously Injured
    Motorcycle Hits Deer 85 mph Helmet Cam
    Fail Idiot makes a burnout with a new bike
    Fail to control - Motorcycle Accident On The Bridge
    Bike wheelie crash at high speed
    Hayabusa FAIL
    hayabusa runs into ninja zx10r
    Horrible motorbike accidentflv
    Motorcycle accident
    Czech Police Chase Motorcycle Through Trafficflv
    Motorcyclist crashs into a pig
    Police car knocks off man on scooter
    A Beginners Guide To Motorcycling
    Pizza Delivery Scooter Funny Fail
    Delivery Scooter Cant Handle Load
    Street bike tommy front flip GSXR travis pastrana compound
    Horrible bike accident caught on tape
    Angry Woman vs Bike
    CBR1000 Highside Crash
    GSXR 600 Crash
    Motorcycle Crashes in Front of CHP
    Scooter Crashes Into Guardrail on Mulholland
    Highside Motorcycle Crash on Mulholland
    Motorcycle Crash - Rider Thrown Over Guardrail on Mulholland Hwy
    ZX6R Low Side Crash into Guard Rail on Mulholland Hwy
    2011 Ducati 848 Crash
    CBR1000 Lowside Crash
    Longboarder Crashes into Guardrail
    600rr Lowsides Attempting to Drag Elbow
    Foot Peg Catches then Crash - 2009 Yamaha R1
    ZX10R Lowside Motorcycle Crash
    Grabbed Front Brake in Turn - Buell Lowside Motorcycle Crash
    GSXR Lowside Crash on Mulholland
    Motorcycle Crash - Suzuki GSXR Lowsides on Mulholland Hwy
    Kawasaki ZX6R Lowside Crash
    Motorcycle Crash - Shifting Error Rider Hits Guardrail
    Motorcycle Crash - Yamaha R1 Lowsides on Mulholland Highway
    R6 Highside Motorcycle Crash
    Motorcycle Crash - GSXR 750 Lowsides on Mulholland Hwy
    R6 Motorcycle Crash - Mulholland
    Motorcycle Crash - Yamaha R1 Lowside crash on Mulholland Hwy near Malibu
    Motorcycle Crash - Suzuki SV650 Lowsides on Mulholland Hwy
    Motorcycle Crash - Honda F4 F4i Lowsides on Mulholland Hwy
    Motorcycle Crash - Yamaha R1 Lowsides on Mulholland Hwy
    Motorcycle Crash - Yamaha R6 Lowsides into Guardrail on Mulholland Hwy
    Motorcycle Crash Burn on Mulholland
    Motorcycle Crash - F4i Hits Guardrail on Mulholland
    DRZ400 Motorcycle Crash on Mulholland
    Motorcycle Crash - Honda NX-250 on Mulholland
    Car Crashes into Parked Motorcycles on Mulholland
    Suzuki DRZ 400 Crash 1024
    Female Rider Motorcycle Crash
    R1 Crash - Motorcycles Lowsides
    Rider Hits Wet Center Line and Crashes
    GSXR 1000 Lowside Crash
    Supermoto Crash Mulholland

    and many more

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