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    The California Association for Recreational Fishing (CARF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and serving California's freshwater recreational fishing community by:

    1.Promoting recreational fishing as a beneficial use of California's aquatic resources that provides recreation and food while developing public awareness and appreciation of our aquatic natural resources.

    2.Encouraging balanced management of fisheries that recognizes the value of hatchery stocking in certain waters to ensure appropriate fishing pressure and success in all waters of the state.

    3.Ensuring that public and private stocking of waters provide a variety of fishing experiences and help minimize adverse effects on wild fishery stocks.

    4.Recognizing the value of established game fish species that have contributed to the diversity of the state's aquatic resources and provide most of the warm water fishing opportunities.

    5.Enhancing the opportunities and diversity of fishing experiences within California.

    6.Assisting and encouraging individuals and companies involved in recreational fishing, including fish hatcheries and farms, fishing equipment and supply companies, fishing lakes, resorts, and other ancillary industries involved in sport fishing, and providing for the interchange of ideas and innovation and encouraging ethical conduct for said industries and the general fishing public.

    7.Encouraging and assisting individuals and public entities in the development of waters suitable for fishing.

    8.Promoting legislation and regulations that preserve and improve fishing opportunities within California.

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