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Christian Tissier Aikido

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    "Aikido Christian Tissier" is an application produced by iBudokan bringing together a wide variety of Aikido techniques. A Japanese martial art created in the 30s by Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido (or path to harmony) is a disciplined based on immobilisation and projection techniques aiming to resolve conflict in a harmonious manner.

    All of these techniques are put into practice by Christian Tissier Sensei, whose skill and technical expertise are recognized on a global scale. A 7th dan-Shihan highly popular for his teaching skill, Christian has developed a style that is pure, fluid, efficient and incisive.

    This application is made up of several modules, including "Aikido Classic" and "Suwari and Hanmi hantachi wasa," which use video presentations on remastered DVDs to showcase classic aikido techniques as well as kneeling techniques. A simple and efficient search system allows you to directly access the technique of your choice.

    This application also features a biography and never-before-seen photos of Christian Tissier.

    The serie is soon to be completed with a groundbreaking app on weapons techniques (jo, tanto, boken) in addition to a module on the evolution of certain techniques.

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