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Clay Shooting Club Score Card

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    The App is replicating the manual score card system that is currently used in most of the shooting Grounds but with added functionality such as an automatic score counting system, leader board and classification.


    1) Fast Score upload once the shooting round is over.
    2) No need for score counting as the score is automatically calculated.
    3) No need to have printers on site to print the score card.
    4) Scores output is compatible and can be loaded in Microsoft Excel format for further scores accumulation.
    5) Send a copy of the shooter performance to your shooters for analysis.
    6) Improve club reputation.

    1) Very easy to use. Marking is by touching the individual cells, no key input required.
    2) Automatic Leader Board function to determining the winner and runners up.
    3) Automatic Classification by Shooter Class feature.
    4) Can be used for the 3 point score system that is used for DTL and ATA.
    5) Html format leaderboard/Classification.
    6) Excel format leaderboard/Classification.
    7) Upload to DropBox to get all your files from anywhere, on any device, and share them with anyone