Coldstream Football Club




    The Coldstream Football Club has been around since 1890 and is a proud member of the Eastern Football League.

    The club has firmly entrenched itself as Coldstream's number one sports club and continues to find ways to ensure that the club remains at the top of the list.

    With this strategy in place the committee is proud to release their first ever app for Android.

    The app will contain everything and anything to do with the Coldstream Football Club.

    The information about the club that will be available to you the user are as follows:

    - Latest News
    - Training times and dates
    - Sponsor information
    - Ground locations
    - Club Events
    - Player Profiles
    - Statistics
    - Videos
    - Images and much much more

    By downloading the app you will have access all day and all night to the Coldstream Football Club.

    So whether you want to know who kicked the winning goal after the siren to win the game for the Cougars or are wanting to know when the next upcoming event is, the app is all require to find this information out!

    Download the app now and support the mighty Cougars!

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