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    Do you know which "NCAA football" team has won the most National Championships in modern sport? "College Football Quiz" offers you great fun answering questions about some of the most successful teams from "American Football" history! Check your knowledge about the well-known championships, matches and players! Learn more about the greatest champions such as Alabama, Princeton or Oklahoma!
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    Colleague football is actually American football grew out of the English game of rugby. It is played by teams of students fielded by American universities and colleagues. Unlike soccer, the foot hardly ever touches the ball in this game.
    The Field is 100 yards long (and 160 feet wide). Each colleague team owns half of the field (they switch sides every 15 minutes of play). Thus, the two 40 yard lines are distinguished by who owns them. The "zero yard line" is called the goal line. Teams try to get the ball past the opponent's goal line into the end zone to score a touchdown. At far edge of each end zone are the goal posts which, together with the cross bar, look like a big H. To score the field goal or extra point, the ball must go between the vertical posts and over the bar.
    In the other direction, the field is divided into three parts, left, center and right, by the hash marks, which are 60 feet from each side line. Normally, for each play, the ball starts where it ended up at the end of the previous play. However, let’s see some other rules of American football. If the ball ends up outside of the center part of the field, it is brought back to the nearest hash marks so plays never start at the extreme sides of the field.
    Kickoffs: At the start of the game there is a coin toss to see which team gets the ball first. The team that has the ball is the offense; the other team is the defense. A colleague game is supposedly one hour, but takes about three hours to play because the clock is often stopped for various reasons. At the end of the first and third quarters, the players merely switch sides. The ball is moved to the corresponding point on the other side of the field, and play continues.
    Downs: The offense has 4 plays or downs to cover 10 yards or more. A play ends when the player with the ball is either stopped or goes out-of-bounds or if the ball is thrown and missed (which is called an incomplete pass).When a play is over an official blows a whistle. Normally, teams try to cover the 10 yards in 3 plays or less. If they don't make it in 3 plays, they use the 4th down to kick the ball toward the other team. The ball is snapped back to the kicker who kicks the ball. This is punting
    Scoring: The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. A touchdown is worth 6 points. After a touchdown, the team then attempts to kick the ball through the goal posts to get an extra point. Because this kick almost always works, most people think of a touchdown as being worth 7 points and then subtract a point if the extra point kick is missed.
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