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    ** IMPORTANT: There's an issue with the force landscape preference in the current app causing a crash when the app launches. If this happens please uninstall, reinstall and leave this setting off for now. **

    If you are not an official scorer for a team, you may enjoy keeping score as you watch limited overs, Twenty20, IPL, or a Test match live or on television, perhaps while watching your child play. Many users of this app manage to umpire and keep score at the same time.

    * Just touch where the ball reached, then pick how many runs were scored

    * Produces wagon wheels for each batsman and an e-mailable scorecard (including a wagon wheel page per batsman plus Worm and Manhattan scoring rate charts/graphs) for publishing to a web site, transfer to a computer or simply to send to your team

    * Press Menu button for scorecard and then More ... for other features such as saving/loading a game

    * Long tap batsman, bowler and 'This Over' areas of Runs tab for less commonly used actions such as retired hurt or declare innings

    Works well on phones and also on small (7 or 8 inch) tablets . Works on large tablets, but layout could be better.

    Cricket Scorer+ for Android is Cricket Scorer for Android PLUS the following new features/changes, many requested by users. Please try out the free version first if you wish.

    1. Added more information to scorecard, extra columns on scorecard for batsmen (minutes, 4s, 6s & Strike Rate) and bowlers (number of wides and number of no balls)
    2. Runs worm chart (graph) for comparing innings scoring rate of teams
    3. Manhattan bar chart of runs per over and dismissals
    4. Ability to save squads of players and pick teams from them
    5. Re-ordering of players
    6. Scoring zones with totals on the wagon wheels - these can be e-mailed too
    7. Set number of players in a team (between 4 to 20)
    8. 2 innings per side i.e. 4 in total option
    9. Option to not prompt for next bowler but to automatically pick other from current pair
    10. Added runs per wide and runs per no ball config to match setup screen
    11. Can now set match date and time in match setup, and this appears on scorecard
    12. Added "Light theme screens" option in settings so easier to read in bright light
    13. Made dot balls easier to read in "This over" block
    14. Batsmen crossed tick box now available for run out and caught & bowled dismissal methods too.
    15. Set default squad (one to use when starting new match automatically)
    16. Save match formats (different sets of rules for different type of game)
    17. Set default match format (one to use when starting new match automatically)
    18. Export to Cricket Statz MXP file(, multi-sheet Excel xml or simple xml files
    19. Added innings summary at top of scorecard with hyperlinks to each innings
    20. High resolution wagon wheel images option for higher quality printing of wagon wheels (after have been e-mailed)
    21. Can now indicate which players are bowlers, so fewer players to pick from when choosing the next bowler
    22. Option to hide "0s (left)" and "Play/Miss" columns on wagon wheel
    23. Restart match option - restarts timings and clears out all deliveries. Handy if you set the match up in advance.
    24. More settings for customizing the behaviour of the app
    25. Over numbering now starts at 1 instead of 0 in over by over bowling details of scorecard
    26. New setting for optional extra columns in bowling statistics summary table for no ball extras total in addition to no ball count and similarly for wides.
    27. New setting for simple scorecard. Can hide the ball by ball details.
    28. Added tick box for extra ball for wide/no ball in match format - default on
    29. Can pause the innings so minutes batting doesn't become incorrect because of rain breaks or planned intervals
    30. Can save a team from an old Android Cricket Scorer match as a squad to re-use in other matches
    31. Tweet/share score at any point or at end of over

    For more info and FAQs see

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