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    Your handy point calculator for combined events in athletics. Faster, easier and better calculation of points from performances for track and field events. No more tedious browsing of point tables, simply use your mobile phone instead to manage the scores of your athletes.

    Calculates points for men's (& women's) decathlon, women's heptathlon, men's international pentathlon and indoor events. The new version also supports managing numerous athletes and point calculation for events of the German Athletics Union (DLV, such as Triathlon or Quadrathlon for kids) and the track and field events of the German Gymnast Association (DTB).

    Moreover, Deca2Go's Android version exclusively features reverse calculation of required performance from a given score as well as a point stopwatch continuously calculating points for a selected event, a simple weight calculator and exporting points to the sd card of the device.

    -> auch in deutsch, Ihr Punkterechner für Zehnkampf, Siebenkampf und mehr!


    Overview of Currently Supported Events:

    Decathlon (Men)
    Heptathlon (Women)
    Indoor Heptathlon (Men)
    Indoor Pentathlon (Women)
    Int. Pentathlon (Men)
    Decathlon (Women)
    Indoor Pentathlon (Men)
    Heptathlon (WJ U18)

    Triathlon (MK U12)
    Triathlon (MJ U14)
    Triathlon (MJ U16)
    Quadrathlon (MK U12)
    Quadrathlon (MJ U14)
    Quadrathlon (MJ U15)
    Triathlon (WK U12)
    Triathlon (WJ U14)
    Triathlon (WJ U16)
    Quadrathlon (WK U12)
    Quadrathlon (WJ U14)
    Quadrathlon (WJ U16)
    Pentathlon Basic (MJ U14)
    Pentathlon Basic (WJ U14)
    Pentathlon Sprint (MJ U16)
    Pentathlon Sprint (WJ U16)
    Pentathlon Run (MJ U16)
    Pentathlon Run (WJ U16)
    Pentathlon Throw (MJ U16)
    Pentathlon Throw (WJ U16)
    Enneathlon (MJ U16)
    Heptathlon (WJ U16)
    All Disciplines (Male)
    All Disciplines (Female)
    Pentathlon Basic with 800 m (MJ U14)
    Pentathlon Basic qith 800 m (WJ U14)

    German Gymnast Association (Men)
    German Gymnast Association (Women)

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