Derby Admin




    Derby Admin is a simple front-end app that allows a roller derby league to deploy membership QRcodes (see 'Developer's Website' for a QRcode generator), which then facilitates the administration of attendance policy, and access to emergency contact information.

    Attendance can be recorded by:
    * Entering the member's name
    * Searching the membership database for a member
    * Scanning the member's QRcode

    Emergency information including Next of Kin contact details can be accessed either by scanning the member's QRcode or by searching the membership database. The member's emergency contact number can then be called by the app.

    To use Derby Admin, your league needs to provide a CGI interface to your attendance / information system. For more details on this, see the Developer's Website below. Once created and the URL is entered in the Derby Admin settings page, Derby Admin communicates exclusively with your systems to more effectively manage attendance and provide access to important information during a potential emergency.