Dominating Tennis Trainer

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    In tennis your biggest challenge isn’t the opponent that is standing on the other side of the net. It’s the pounding of your heart in your chest, the aching of your lungs, the weakness in your legs and the little voice inside you that says, “I can’t.” But you don’t listen to the nonsense, you work harder. As that voice starts to fade away, you hear another faint whisper of a voice starting to say, “I can.” That’s when you realize the person you thought you were is no match for the person you really are. That’s dominating tennis.

    Learning to play tennis at a high level is easier than you think. You have to develop strokes, strength and the correct mindset to become a winner. In this book, you do it all. We've developed a 60-day program that takes you day-by-day to bring your game to top performance. If you're willing to put in the work for about an hour a day, we'll give you the tools to make you a much better overall player in just 60 days. It's that simple.

    Don't listen to coaches that say "You aren't good enough" or "You need to develop your serve ", they're missing the boat, that's loser talk. You need a plan that takes you from your current ability level and makes you dramatically better. It's not about going to the courts and hitting hundreds of serves every day or getting lessons five times a week, it's about a system that makes you a better athlete and therefore a better tennis player.

    We all get nervous when we know we have tryouts or a big tournament coming up. We do this because we fear the unknown or feel we aren't prepared. But armed with a plan beforehand you can limit those nerves and use them as weapons. We'll be the ones to show you how.

    The Workouts:
    Working with the top tennis pros we've developed a 60-day program that makes you a champion. The program is divided into 2 main phases:

    Phase One: days 1-30
    Core, Balance and Stroke Development
    In this phase we tighten up your stokes while giving you exercises that develop correct technique and get you prepared for aggressive winning tennis. Core and balance work is very important to get your body ready for the challenges ahead. Much of tennis is about balance. If your body is balanced you’re ready to face your biggest weaknesses. The core works hand-in-hand with your balance, if you have a strong core, you can keep your body in better balance.

    Phase Two: days 31-60
    Power and Aggressive Performance
    With Phase One under your belt you're ready to start getting more precise and adding power to your shots and strength to your body. This is where most tennis instructors fall short. We take you to the next level day-by-day making you a better tennis player and athlete. At this point you start to notice more control over your shots. In Phase Two we take the hard work from Phase One and push you further. As you work at a rapid pace on your shots, turning your body into a sculpted machine that moves along the court with grace and elegance, your friends will be shocked with the improvement. We won’t be. This is the app to get you there

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