Elk Hunting Strategies and Elk Calls by RHR

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    The Elk Hunter's Strategy App is STILL the most powerful elk hunting tool ever created. Period. It contains more elk biology, behavior, vocalizations, hunting strategy, and tactics information than any other app or book ever written, and puts that information in the palm of your hand, right at your fingertips, in a responsive, intuitive, stand-alone* mobile App!

    Planning for an elk hunt and wondering what tactics to use? Looking for a few fresh ideas and tactics that might help increase your level of success? Want access to audio and streaming video* files to help you understand the various bull and cow vocalizations? WE HAVE AN APP FOR THAT!!!

    Designed to be the 21st-Century alternative to the tired old elk hunting resources of yesterday, the Elk Hunter's Strategy App—Bowhunter Edition was conceived and developed by Chris Roe, a Certified Wildlife Biologist, elk behavior expert, and accomplished elk hunter. Chris knows elk behavior and communication intimately. He understands how they think, how they communicate, and to what—and how—they’re likely to respond in nearly any situation; all from a biologically and behaviorally defensible standpoint. The Elk Hunter’s Strategy App - Bowhunter Edition - puts all that knowledge right at your fingertips in an intuitive interface!

    While you can find yourself in literally HUNDREDS of different situations out in the field, elk have a set of predictable core behaviors, and have a certain number of core vocalizations that they use in a variety of different scenarios. The trick is knowing which vocalization (or combination of vocalizations) to use when, and more importantly, WHY! The Elk Hunter’s Strategy App helps you identify those behaviors, understand them, and then which vocalizations to use, and in which situations, to maximize your success. At times, the same set-ups, vocalizations, and calling strategies may be the same across a variety of scenarios. The beauty of the App, however, is that it goes beyond just telling you WHAT to do, it helps teach you what is likely going on in your scenario, and WHY the vocalization and/or strategy is likely to work in your situation. The Elk Hunter’s Strategy App is as much about your long-term education in elk hunting and elk calling as it is a short-term reference to help you decide what to do in the moment.

    If you’ve spent a small fortune on elk hunting books and all the latest gear and gadgets, and have read up on the various tips, tricks, and tactics in the magazines, chat forums, and other places, but never seem to have the same success or experiences that other hunters do, then you need a new strategy. …or DOZENS! Whether you’re a beginning elk hunter, or a seasoned veteran with a lifetime of elk hunting success to your credit, the Elk Hunter’s Strategy App—Bowhunter’s Edition—is the perfect addition to your bowhunting arsenal.

    Look at some of the amazing features you get in the Elk Hunter’s Strategy App:
    • Powerful, information packed resource that can be used anytime, anywhere you have your device, whether in the off-season to prepare for an upcoming hunt, in hunting camp getting ready for your next outing, or on the fly and in the “heat of the moment.”
    • Extremely intuitive, responsive, and dynamic; it takes as little as 35 – 45 seconds to find your specific set up and strategy
    • It helps you to understand elk behavior and communication to improve future hunts
    • No data or phone signal is necessary for strategies or audio files

    Elk season will be here before you know it; this is one hunting resource you do NOT want to be without!

    *Requires adequate 3G or faster internet connection for streaming video. Access to streaming video is not guaranteed. Audio files are downloaded to the device with the app.

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    Jordan Neau

    by Jordan Neau

    Jun 05, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I really like this app. Allows a comprehensive approach to elk hunting and elk vocalizations. Enjoying the dictionary/library of vocalizations because i don't have to memorize every sound and meaning...can just reference it in the field. I hope Chris creates a rifle season edition with more strategies and tactics. Great website and app. If you really want to understand elk behavior and biology...follow Chris....he knows his stuff

    Brad Allen

    by Brad Allen

    Sep 14, 2016  |  "Good"

    It was not very helpful at all