EQApp horse stable manager




    Keep total overview with of all your horses and their activities. Easy to use on phone, Ipad og touch screen in the stable. With this app you are always updated with all informations on each horse.

    When using you are always updated on vaccinations both yearly and ½ year, or when it is requested in the passport.
    Each horse will have a page in the system where you can download all needed informations such as, traininginformation, day-off, x-rays, all pictures and movies, showinformations - all you need to know will be deticated at each horse. In that way you can easy communicate with the owners, buyers and other riders and grooms very easy.

    If more than one person are working with the horse it is possible to divide the horses' training between those who are in the team. This means that when a rider registers then work with then horse others can see this immediately at their phone. It is also possible to plan which rider should do a specific training and then see who is doing it.

    It is also possible to register vaccination and it is then possible to make a report with a status of the horses at once. It can be used when the wet is on visit you can see what other horses needs to be vaccinated.

    In the same way it is possible to keep register farrier on the single horse. It makes it possible to keep track of the individual horse when it has last had a visit from a farrier. It can be uses to keep track of when the horse have last had a visit from a farrier.

    This is a powerful tool when making serious training of a horse, or in particular if there is more than one horse. It is with EQApp possible to plan the training up to a event. It is also possible for a trainer to go back and look what has been done well and what has gone less well.

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