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    Eucles Sport is the perfect companion for running, walking, cycling and more.

    Free! No adverts! No account needed!

    In addition to geotracking features, it allows adding multimedia content and gives you a complete suite to analyze your performances as a sport coach.

    During the whole track, you can monitor your speed, altitude and position on a map. Check also your heart rate and burned calories if you own any Bluetooth Smart Heart Monitor. Eucles supports also some legacy Bluetooth belt from Zephyr and Polar.

    Eucles Sport allows you to take pictures and videos linked to geographic points of your choice along your path.
    Back to home, Eucles Sport offers a user friendly interface to analyze your track on your phone or on your tablet with the optimized interface. A summary of your sport performances, a chart to plot the curves of your choice within altitude, speeds, and heart pulses in order to evaluate your improvements. An exciting replay mode completes the experience.

    Eucles Sport is also capable to export and share your trips in Google Earth format. This feature gives you the chance to share your experience with your friends. Using the popular Google Earth they will be able to see your path and related pictures displayed on a map.

    Install Eucles Sport on your Android tablet to read through the list of all your tracks and relive them with the replay mode. Share your mementos thanks to images and videos that you recorded during the track and placed on an interactive living map.

    Eucles Sport is free, without adverts and doesn’t need any registration. It offers all geotracking, analyze, replay and export functionalities. In addition to sport features, Eucles gives you the possibility to attach two multimedia shots by track. If you want to add more pictures and videos to your tracks, you can complete the free version with a one time small participation unlocking the application on all Android devices you own.

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