Flight Logger

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    Flight Logger is a simple flight logging app for paraglider, paramotor and hang-glider pilots.

    Store lists of Sites, Wings, Motors and Other kit.

    Log the time flown at various sites on your wings and motors.

    Generate reports showing the total hours flown by year, by site, by wing and motor.

    Use the notes of the Sites to store additional information about the site.

    Use the notes of the wings and motors to store additional information and the service history.

    Use the Other Items to store details such as obtaining your pilot, instructor or tandem ratings in addition to recording purchases like harness, boots, speed bars etc.

    Share your Data.
    Share your data by email or send it to a cloud service like Dropbox. (The data can be in normal text or CSV format)

    Backup your Data.
    Backup your data to our secure server. Create a backup code and then with a single click, you can backup, restore and undo a restore of your data. If you lose or upgrade your phone, simply restore your backed up data to your new phone. If you have more than one device, share the data via backup and restore using the same backup details. The backup details entered are so that a unique code can be generated to be used to store your backups. Keep these details safe as they will be required if you wish to restore your data to another device.

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