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    See and follow the tracks of one dog.
    Map view and navigation to your dog.

    Requires ownership of a GEODOG positioning collar for dogs.

    This app provides a fast and comfortable method to oversee the position of your dog without the need to read single text messages. The information of the text messages is directly interpreted by the software and shown in a map. Get yourself routed to your dog, or just keep track of him.

    With topographical maps !

    For further information about the GEODOG positioning collar for dogs please visit


    - Enquire the position of one dog at the push of a button
    - Get the exact distance and direction from your position to your dog
    - Get the position of your dog shown on a map
    - Topographical maps for Germany, Austria and Northern Italy
    - Worldwide maps by Open Streetmap
    - Follow the tracks of the dog on a map
    - Navigation to your dog (beeline or road navigation)
    - Compass navigation to your dog
    - Activation and deactivation of search mode at the push of a button
    - Check loading capacity of GEODOG
    - Downloading and saving of map data for selected regions – no online Internet connection required for already saved maps
    - Denominate placemarks
    - Navigation to placemarks
    - Keylock can be activated

    Languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, RU, SK, CZ

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