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    A golf handicap enables you to gauge the quality of your game and compare it to others, regardless of what course you play. As part of the Rules of Golf, the USGA has created an algorithm for calculating your handicap based on your most recent 20 games.

    With the Golf Handicap Calculator from earth42, you can enter rating and slope parameters of golf courses you play, and then enter your score and course for each game. Once you have at least 5 games stored, it will calculate and graph your "differentials", the normalized scores, and your "handicap index"; and once you have a handicap index, the calculator can also predict your score for a stored course, or from a rating and slope that you enter.

    NEW with version 3.0!!
    You can now enter nine-hole golf courses with their ratings and slopes. The calculator will automatically normalize your nine-hole and eighteen hole rounds together and display your handicap index as nine or eighteen according to your preference. You can also predict your score for nine or eighteen. Great thanks to Theoclitus, a very patient user, for helping me see the need for this upgrade. We also fixed the final step in the index calculation, making it truncate instead of rounding, as the Rules of Golf require.

    Please check at the app web page for more details on use:

    The data you enter for this app is held only in your device, in a protected area. You need no network connection (except for the ads in the ad version) for it to work.

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