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    Imagine a complete fishing map of Pennsylvania for your Android, that gives you turn-by-turn driving directions to thousands of the best fishing and boating locations in Pennsylvnaia. Displays streams and lakes over roadmaps satellite images or USGS topo maps. Lets you search for fishing spots by water name, species or regulation. Lets you hike into the wilderness using you Android as a handheld GPS storing your own custom waypoints along the way.

    You don't have to imagine. It's all right here in the GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania and you can try it for free for 3 days!

    This 3 day fully functional free trial version includes almost 5000 predefined fishing destinations with detailed listings of the species you'll find, regulations that apply, and the seasons size and creel limits for every species.

    A waypoint function allows you to store your own GPS enabled fishing destinations with just the touch on a map. You can enter and edit your own data or fishing logs and share you waypoints with your friends.

    The "Go" button passes coordinates directly to your phone's navigation software giving you turn-by-turn directions to both predefined destinations and your custom waypoint. You can even touch any interesting location on the map to make a temporary waypoint and touch "Go". You are immediately on your way!

    When in the field, a "Target" function displays your target location on the map and calculates its distance and compass bearing from your current location. This is a great tool when navigating in the wilderness or just calculating distance.

    An advanced menu allows you to search for any river, lake or stream, or drill down using specific criteria such as fish species, fishing regulation, motor type and more. All results are listed in distance order from your current location allowing you to find the closest fishing no matter where you are.

    BONUS - With the exception of our customized Pennsylvania fishing data, many features including USGS maps, waypoints and Touch-N-Go driving can be used throughout the United States. This is more than just a PA fishing app. Use it wherever you go!

    For Trout Anglers - This GPS Fishing Guide lists "Approved - Stocked Trout Waters", "Erie Steelhead Waters", "Special Regulation Waters", "Class A Trout Waters" and "Wilderness Trout Waters." You can even "Search All Trout Waters" to find any trout stream by name.

    For Bass Anglers - Target the "Big Bass Lakes" or search all rivers, lakes and streams holding Smallmouth, Largemouth, or Spotted Bass. No matter how you search, your results are always listed in distance order.

    Target Other Species - You can narrow your search to find the hotspots for just about any species. Find Striped Bass, Muskie, Walleye, Pike, Pickerel, Shad, Channel Catfish, Crappies, Perch and more!

    For Boaters - This GPS Fishing Guide is an ideal tool. Search for lakes based on the type and size motor on your boat. If you have a 20 horsepower motor, you can find those lakes where your boat is legal. You can even find the many public access boat launches on Pennsylvania's rivers and streams and get detailed information including the type of ramp, trailer parking available and more.

    Make the most of every fishing outing with The GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania!

    NOTE: This app will function on devices without a GPS receiver however a GPS receiver is required for accurate point-to-point navigation and for use as a handheld GPS in the field. GPS add-on units are available from third party manufacturers to enable GPS for devices that do not include a receiver. For offline use where no Internet connection is available, USGS and fishing maps must be downloaded while still on-line and connected. Any USGS and fishing maps downloaded online will be available for offline use. Please see the help
    tutorial for details.

    To learn more, A comprehensive tutorial is available on the developer website. Please feel free to browse our tutorial

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