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    Realistic Drag Tree Simulator, Voice activated Drag Race Log Sheet Recorder/ET Predictor, G-Force Launch Tool and a Drag Racing Expense Tracker. Designed by a 11 year bracket racer.

    *** Version 4.1 updated on 10/16/2014. If you have previous version 2.2 thru 3.1, you will have to remove the old versions from your device and install the current 3.9 version. All previous data will be lost when updating to current version. ***

    There are 3 parts to the app that will help you out:

    1. A Drag Tree Simulator that gives the most realistic feel outside of the real thing.

    Choose Sportsman or Pro tree setups. Chose which lane you like to race in. Actual brake and gas pedal to give the exact feeling of being in the drag car. You can move forward anywhere on the staging light including deep staging. Life like image of tree coming at you as you creep forward. Foot Braking action along with Trans braking option. Have this portable app with you at all times. As all drag racers know, the race is won or lost at the tree.

    Get a perfect 0.000 light and enter your name and state on the GDR Perfect Light Winners list. Get multiple perfect lights and be the top of the list as King of the Tree.

    2. First Ever Digital Drag Racing Log Sheet and E.T. Predictor.

    No need to purchase a drag race log book anymore. Start by Voice Activated or manual input from each of your time or round runs. The Temperature, Barometer and Humidity are automatically loaded in by wireless networks and or GPS. Your data can be saved then for further viewing and also shared on Facebook, Twitter, Email, MMS, Bluetooth and many more. The drag racing digital log sheet works for both 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile racing.

    In the Predict ET, the information for Temperature, Barometer and Humidity is automatically loaded by the closes weather station using wireless networks and or GPS. As the search compares all three values, the search will come back to show you your last E.T.(s) that closely match the previous recorded runs. Due note: The more runs inputted, the more accurate the ET predictor becomes a more valuable tool.

    3. G-force Recorder for Drag Car Setups

    A G-force recorder is not only for helping with car setups, but also for entertainment use. You can use the back ground image supplied on the app or use your camera function and record the run down the track with all G-force results shown.
    G-force and wear it’s applied on the drag car can be a useful tool when trying to set-up the perfect launch. Watching the patterns of the G-force readings when launching from the line, you will be able to see which direction the G-force shows on the rear tires. Is the G-force reading showing the position dead center when launching or more on the right tire? By adjusting your suspension and the tire pressure, you will be able to fine tune that perfect straight launch at the line and improve your 60ft times. Mount your device up straight in the center of dashboard for best results.

    Drag Racing Expense Sheet.

    Now you can record all of your drag racing expenses for tax purposes or just curious of the true cost of drag racing. Able to take photos of receipts for each input cost. Export to Excel or share thru Email.

    Works on 7" and 10" Tablets

    A Drag Racing App the stays with the driver from the Staging Lanes (GDR Practice Tree), Down the Track (GDR G-Force Recorder) and back at the Pits (GDR Log Sheet/ ET Predictor)

    Drag Racing Forum and website links for news and information.

    Note: Any problems with this app on your device, please contact support for any fixes or for a refund. Bad reviews don't fix the problem your having. If you like the app please give a nice review for others to see. All funds made go back into the app for future improvements. I'm am working hard to make this a great bracket racing app.

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