Imagine you could instantly get access to what everyone around you is saying about your favorite sports team AND see if they were RIGHT before the game is played! That’s exactly what the GraySuitProject can do for you. It’s your virtual crystal ball for the sports world and a must-have sports utility!

    The Gray Suit Project, begun in 2006, is the result of a collaborative effort by specialists, “the Gray Suits”, in the areas of Computational Finance, Algorithmic Trading, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, and Risk Modeling. Their mission was to answer a central question.

    “Solely by analyzing trends in the language used on the World Wide Web, can unique insights be gained and do they have the ability to predict the outcome of future events?”

    To answer this question, an interactive and continuously updated model was created that gathers and processes information from a wide variety of sources on the Internet. If people are talking about an event, chances are we are cataloging it! This model is designed to represent the general public’s awareness and sentiment towards a team in any given sport at any given moment. This is the Pulse on the Web or POW. From the model 6 discrete data points are produced and accessible through the App. resulting in a completely revolutionary way of looking at teams and sporting events.

    Features included:

    POWscore represents a team’s overall positive or negative bias.
    POWmove monitors the direction the bias is moving either positively or negatively.
    POWvalue illustrates whether a team is viewed more favorably or unfavorably than should be warranted by its on field performance.
    POWprobability describes how teams with similar POW data sets have historically performed.
    Potential Anomalous Matchups or PAM are events that have significant POW characteristics when compared to historical data.
    Anomalous Matchup Predictions or AMP are instances where the model has predicted there is a significant probability that a team/event will follow historical POW trends

    The App. is updated daily with and monitors:

    Football (NFL and NCAA*)
    Baseball (MLB)
    Basketball (NBA and NCAA*)
    Hockey (NHL)
    *Only collegiate teams from the Big East, Big 12, SEC, PAC-12, ACC, and Big Ten conferences are followed including Notre Dame.

    Don’t wait. Get the GraySuitProject now and start viewing sports in a whole new way! There quite simply is nothing else like it.

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