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    Hedge+ EPL - English Premier League Special gives you full coverage of 38 weeks of betting advices.

    HedgeFootball - A new way to bet on football matches!

    Over 80% success rate and average 25% yield per advice as of the date the app published.

    HedgeFootball provides football betting advices that are based on innovative betting strategies and in-depth data analysis. We believe there is no formula for any sport betting, but there is a way to identify the relations between two or multiple matches. We creatively applied the concept of financial hedge on sports betting. By discovering the relations among a few different matches and diversifying your bets, you are able to minimize your investment risk and to ensure consistent positive return.

    No matter what your first guess is, right or wrong, your hedging on other relevant matches - like the hedging tactics in the stock investing, could always make you positive return or at least minimize your losses.

    Through this app, it is never been so easy to get our analysis and advices on the go. Features include:

    - Free daily picks from hundreds of football matches worldwide
    - In depth data analysis that helps you make smart decision
    - Match preview and historic data
    - Hedging advices that minimize your risk
    - Recommended strategies to diversify your betting investment

    About 'Hedge'

    One of the definition of ‘Hedge’ is making an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset. Normally, a hedge consists of taking an offsetting position in a related security, such as a futures contract.

    Example of HedgeFootball's hedge on football betting

    UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Quarter Final 1st Leg on April 2nd, 2013. There were two matches - Bayern vs Juventus and PSG vs Barcelona. Our first guess was Juventus +1.0 (Asian handicap) as Juventus had very solid performance in Serie A and the Champions League. Our hedge analysis is based on the assumption "what if...". So, what if Bayern won? As on that day, there were very few matches worldwide, most of bets - billions of dollars would flow into the two matches. It would have little chance for both Bayern and Barcelona which were the most favorable teams to win at same time, otherwise the betting companies' financial accounts were difficult to balance. Moreover, it would not be a problem for Barcelona to win 3 points back home even they didn't win on that day. Through all the data analysis relevant to our assumption, we could predict that the chance for Barcelona to tie the play was high. The hedged bet on PSG +0.50 x Bayern -1.0 could offset our first guess. The result was PSG tied the match 2-2 at 94 minutes. The hedge was successful.