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    Hockey Forums

    Talk hockey and have fun with other NHL fanatics!

    Bash teams, celebrate wins and get real-time team and player updates.

    Join a massive hockey community and engage with fans from all over the globe.

    The Hockey Forums app gives you access to thousands of passionate hockey fans, covering every possible team affiliation. With Hockey Forums, you can discuss player stats, remember classic match-ups, share personal hockey stories and follow every team in infinite detail. Whatever your team, there’s a community of like-minded fans dedicated to tracking the team’s intricate daily stats, allowing you to easily stay updated on what’s going on in the league.

    The Hockey Forums app includes:

    ✔ Thread subscription support
    ✔ Video and Photo uploading
    ✔ In-app browser for embedded links
    ✔ Push notifications for followed threads
    ✔ Poll viewing and voting
    ✔ Keyword-based forum searches
    ✔ Private message sending/receiving
    ✔ Account creation and management

    Hockey Forums is dedicated to true hockey lovers and boasts a wide range of sub-topics including:

    ★ Trades, Rumors and Free Agents
    ★ Team-Specific Forums
    ★ Division Forums
    ★ International Tournaments
    ★ Junior Hockey
    ★ NHL General Discussion

    Hockey Forums functions in landscape and portrait mode. The app includes a customizable home screen and allows you to save embedded images to your Android device in addition to favorite-ing posts.