JumpStart Pro

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    Use your Android device as a motion detection and stopwatch device for timing your dog agility runs. Ideal for training sessions and club league trials. Just place the devices on the course start and finish hurdles and click the phones hardware side buttons to activate JumpStart Pro. The app features audible signals, automatic calibration, precise timing, wireless communication and simple dog, handler and results tables.

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    NOTE: This is the professional version of the free app JumpStart. Where the free app runs on a single device, this Pro version can run on two communicating devices on separate hurdles. Both versions will be completed soon with a future handheld app 'JumpStart Remote' for smartphones and tablets that communicates with the JumpStart or JumpStart Pro sensor apps. This will allow remote activation, centralized data storage, and a more sophisticated managements of runs and trials, including faults and refusals.

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