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    This app utilises some 382 brilliant Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing Videos. You will be amazed at what these guys can do!

    The first 32 videos are included :
    2013 NAISH Kiteboarding - Welcome
    2013 NAISH Kiteboarding Torch Kite
    2013 NAISH Kiteboarding Park Kite
    2013 Naish Ride Kite - The Next Level of Fun
    2013 NAISH Kiteboarding Fly Lightwind Kite
    2013 NAISH Kiteboarding Wave Light Wind Collection
    2013 NAISH Kiteboarding Twin Tip Kiteboards
    2013 Cabrinha Kite Line-Up Tech
    2013 Cabrinha Chaos Freestyle Kite
    2013 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite
    2013 Cabrinha Switchblade Siren Kite
    2013 Cabrinha Crossbow Xbow Kite
    2013 Cabrinha Drifter Surf Kite
    2013 Cabrinha Vector Kite
    2013 Cabrinha Relaunch 25m LEI Trainer Kite
    2013 Cabrinha Spark 2m Trainer Kite
    2013 Cabrinha QuickLink IDS Control Bar
    2013 Cabrinha IDS Control Bar - Operation
    2013 Cabrinha QuickLink Reset
    Kiteboarding - PKRA Sicily - Part 1
    Fuerteventura worldcup 2007 Kiteboarding Freestyle
    Masters of Freestyle - Kiteboarding Kite Masters in Portimao
    My first kite loop
    Kiteboarding Best Freestyle Shots 2006
    The Kiteboarder Instructional - How to do a back roll
    The Kiteboarder Instructional - How to do a roll to revert
    Team SURFINGAREA Adrien Denis back mobe 360
    Back Mobe English Spanish
    Learn a Slim Chance with Alvaro Onieva
    REAL Triple-S Action Trailer
    Carpe Diem - Kiteboard DVD Teaser
    Kiteboarding - PKRA Cabarete 2007 - Part 1

    The others can easily be added later:

    kiteboarding movie souze
    Coconet Kiteboarding Classic 2007
    Flysurfer Pulse 2 promo video Sick Kiteboarding Freestyle
    Kiteboarding Best Freestyle Shots 2
    Carpe Diem Hardcore Kiteboarding Trailer
    kiteforum trailer next
    Ruben Lenten in Australia
    Cabarete - KiteBoarding
    extremeelementstv - PKRA 2007 Season - Kiteboarding
    Una Vida Kiteboarding North team Camp
    hottest kiteboarding chick
    Most Sexy Kite Chicks
    Brazil is awesome
    AYAYAYYY BORACAY A New Hit by Dennis Garcia
    Kiteboarding New Era
    kite surf airush travel
    back mobe
    Kiteboarding - Kitesurfing - Profile of Aaron Hadlow
    REAL Surf Instructional DVD
    REAL BVI 2008 Session Report Video 1
    Kitesurfing Australia Waves- Kitesurf Waves
    The Life Kitesurfing
    kitesurf accident
    kiteboarding new zealand
    Learn to Kitesurf in Auckland - Rider Perspective
    Anabatic Kiteboarding in NZ - BEST Kites
    Learn to Kitesurf in New Zealand - Anabatic Kiteboarding
    NZ kiting
    High Jumps and Megaloops in 30knts
    Kitesurfing Strapless New Zealand style
    Lewis Crathern and Jake Scrace Jump Worthing Pier - FULL STORY
    Marc Jacobs - North Kiteboarding Rider profile New Zealand
    Early days kitesurfing in NZ 1
    Best Waroo Nemesis Kites O9 Product Teaser 2009
    Snowboarder Gets Lifted 100ft into the Air by a Kite
    Best Nemesis 2009 Orewa Beach New Zealand
    Mads Bording in Brazil
    NZ Kiteboard Nationals 2008 Downwind Race
    Best Kiteboarding Product Video 2008
    Guerilla 18m Power Kite Massive Air
    Kite jump record
    Beached Whale
    BEST 2009 Nemesis 10m HP
    Best Nemesis HP
    KiteWindsurf 2 in 1 or how to ride free of charge
    2009 Best Nemesis Hp
    Peter Lynn Synergy Twinskin Kiteboarding Kiteboard Landboard
    Tow Kiting the Birth of a New Extreme Sport
    How to break your neck back and ankles at the waveshouse
    Shakespear january 09
    Real Kiteboarding Smith Limo Rail Session
    2010 Waroo Muriwai Trip
    Learn to Kitesurf in New Zealand Part 2 - This is us Anabatic Kiteboarding
    2010 Best Kahoona V2
    Hell Boardriders - Production Kiteboard 1
    Youri Zoon - Mystic - Slingshot - Brunotti Kiteboarding
    Kite movie kitesurfing kiteboarding
    Youri Zoon is back
    The Google - YouTube Kiteboarding session in San Francisco
    Brunotti Brasil Tour - Clip 12
    Rui Meira - 5th of the PKRA 07 - Naish Kiteboarding Rider
    Kiteboarding Kids Who Rip - Incredible Pro Kiteboard Kid
    Extreme Delray KITEBOARD WIPEOUT
    unhook water start kitesurfing
    REAL Kiteboarding Zero to Hero DVD Trailer
    Psycho Kiteloop
    Kiteloop with Bowkites

    and many more

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