KLR Pocket Reference




    The KLR Pocket Reference is a simple app, much like your KLR, to make it quick and easy to look up difficult to remember specs, such as common torques and oil filter sizes. The app also includes some troubleshooting tips, general information about the bike, where to buy parts, and what parts to buy!

    This app is not a replacement for a service manual but now you don't have to carry around a bulky book to perform standard maintenance!

    Reference Information:
    Torque Specs
    Tire Change
    Oil Change
    Engine Top End
    Oil (Filter Sizes and Weight)
    Tires (Sizes and Popular Tire Listing)
    Engine Top End (Valve Clearances, Spark Plug Type and Gap)
    Air Intake (Filter Sizes)
    Troubleshooting and More!

    Other Features Include:
    All Torque Specs are presented in 3 different units, Newton-Meters, Inch-Pounds, and Foot-Pounds
    Small application footprint
    Minimalist design for easy of use and navigation, click a button to move into a page, push the back button on your phone or tablet to go back to the previous page.

    This app is for informational purposes only and all work on your bike should be done by a trained service technician.

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