Knox Baseball Club




    The Knox Baseball Club also known as the Falcons is well regarded as one of the premier baseball clubs in Victoria.

    The club currently has 7 teams that form part of their club and the club are always looking at ways to expand and improve their output both on and off the field.

    The club realises the role technology can play in improving all aspects of the club and as a resultof this the club has decided to venture in to the world of technology and is proud to release their very first mobile phone app for Android.

    The app will contain information about the Knox Baseball Club. The information available to you in the app are items such as:

    - Latest News
    - Results
    - Ladders
    - Fixtures
    - Team news
    - Sponsors
    - Grounds
    - Memberships
    - Training and much much more

    Forget your baseball gloves and your baseball bats, the most important piece of equipment you need this Winter Baseball season is the Knox Falcons Baseball Club mobile phone app!

    Do not hesitate and download the app now to ensure that you do not strike out and stay in touch with everything about the baseball club!

    Go Falcons!

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