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    Kyokushinkai is a style of Karate founded by Master Oyama. It differs from other styles of Karate by emphasizing effectiveness in real combat. During the fighting, the blows are struck with full power and may end in a KO.

    This "Kyokushin - FREE" app of the Kyokushin iBudokan serie will allow you to test the quality of the application. It is fully functional and has no limitation.The whole iBudokan Kyokushin serie includes 6 different modules that show all aspects of Kyokushinkai, from the basic positions to Kihon (fists, legs), to the complete Katas and combat techniques.

    Each technique is filmed from different angles, including a multiview presentation; a view from the front, side and above so that every detail is clearly visible and the technique can be reproduced without error.

    Technical demonstration by Shihan Bertrand Kron, 6th dan and Sensei Jérôme de Timmerman, 4th dan.

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